Smoker$ Delight. Happy 4-20 yall!

Yea its 4.20 … one of my favorite holidays! National Weed Smokin Day! So in honor of that…I postin up songs you can roll up & smoke to and videos you can pack up and smoke bowls to!  The Songs/Videos are in this post, directly below the writing.  Every body, smoke 1 for Marley and play this music below! It will just enhance ur cheefing experience and high.  And if ur not good at rollin joints, then watch the “Spark It Up” music video..its like a tutorial to rollin the perfect doobie haha. Lets not forget I am dropping a BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO TODAY on 4/20…it WILL BE POSTED ON THE SITE LATER ON!  Happy Holidays yall. Crown Fam UP!


Who’s Gonna Save Me – Shugga Shane & Gamble

Smokin Ridin wit My Homies – Shugga Shane ft. Crown Fam

Split The Dutchies(ft. Notorious B.I.G.) – Shugga Shane & Lil Shine

High Right Now – Shugga Shane & Lil Shine

Space Ship – Shugga Shane, Celestial & Lil SHine

Break That Kush Down For Me – Shugga Shane 

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