Shane Ahmed, better known as Shugga Shane, is one of the coolest emerging rappers from the West Coast and co-founder of the hip-hop collective Bengali Crown Family AKA Crown Fam or BCF. If you are of South Asian decent (or possibly resided in CA, NY or London) chances are, you’ve heard or know of BCF. They hit the scene in the early 2010s and had a cult like following that span across the globe. BCF boasted artist such as S.S., Gamble/Ivory Shakur, 41X, Young Prince & more.

While he saw success in the Bangla Rap scene, Shane was always drawn to West Coast Hip Hop. Growing up in the streets of Los Angeles California, the young emcee indicates that he was inspired early on by the likes of Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg. So, it was only natural for S.S. to try and carve out a lane as a West Coast artist. His early work ‘The Dope Vol. 1’ was the first time we saw S.S. release a solo project. This mixtape featured underground hits Lime Light, Wild Wild West and Who’s Gonna Save Me with Gamble, who later became Ivory Shakur of Bhanga Bangla. His sophomore mixtape, ‘Ears to the Streets,’ was highly anticipated and well received in Cali’s rap scene, being hosted by future Grammy winner DJ Mustard & DJ Noize. It should be noted that this tape was cut in true mixtape form; complete with DJ drops, scratches and blends holding the 25 track project together as 1 continuous piece of work.

His last project, “L.A. Kings“, was independently released in 2016 and had obtained critical acclaim from media outlets all over the web. This drop really solidified Shane’s presence in Hip Hop as a reputable artist. The project features a handful of notable West Coast artists as well as boasting production from some of the game’s illest beat-makers. “I just wanted to give the city & the culture something they can be proud of…I’m ecstatic that there has been so much positivity around my album, it’s humbling” says the emcee when asked about “L.A. Kings.” The project features bangers such as H.I.T.S., Ridin (ft. Skeme) and West $ide Money, as well as fan favorites, A1 & So Long (ft. Ace).

Currently, the young rapper is spending nights in the studio, working hard on a new album, which will be titled ‘WestCoastShane.’ S.S. has already started dropping singles from this project, currently streaming on all major platforms. Shane boasts that his forthcoming album will be his best work to date, so make sure tap in. He doesn’t want to spoil the surprise on featured artists and producers, but says that people will not be disappointed. His recent single ‘Coastin‘ was produced by none other than Cali’s own Curtiss King & he’s been collaborating on multiple tracks with Stoic Bliss productions out of New York City, so the stakes are high.

Shane’s unique style, clever word-play and quintessential flow captivates listeners, so it’s no surprise that his fan base is growing everyday. And by looking at his resume, you could say he is doing just fine; Shugga Shane has rocked concert venues, festivals & toured all over the West coast & South West. He has opened up for stars like The Game, Kid Cudi, Juelz Santana, Problem, Chip Tha Ripper (King Chip), just to name a few. He’s also shared the stage with legends such as The Alchemist, N.O.R.E., Kurupt & WC (Dub-C), as well as popular independent Hip Hop artists including Casey Veggies, Hopsin, Skeme & Phora.

“Nipsey told me to ‘live my life & grow’ so that’s what I’m focused on right now. I want to make great music for the people, grow my brand & take care of my loved ones.” says S.S. as we conclude our chat. With his following increasing daily, it’s only a matter of time until Shugga Shane becomes a household name. Will he live up to the hype? There’s only one way to find out…

Written by Xavier Malcolm

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