Shugga Shane X DSMP Clothing = Fresh!

DSMP is an up & coming clothing line from Los Angeles, CA!  They’ve got some fresh shit on their catalog & they fuck wit yo boy Shugga Shane so I had to show em love.  This pic was taken at one of the fashion shows I was performing at, they gave us some shirts to throw out into the audience and to keep.  The homies that run the company are real cool dudes too…they are throwin me some threads to rock in my next music video so look out for THAT. Shugga Shane & DSMP music video collab coming SOON!

SO heres what you need to do…This is the website ….click on it and check out the fresh! Order some tees…and [D]o [S]ome [M]ajor [P]impin! DSMP sucka!

PS. DONT FORGET to CHECK out MY MUSIC VIDEOS featuerd on the DSMP site…click this link over here —>

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