East Coast/West Coast Collab! Go Getta – LiquidSilva x Shugga Shane x BCF Lil Shine

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Los Angeles based rappers Shugga Shane & BCF Lil Shine team up with Canada’s own LiquidSilva to cook up this cross counrtry collaboration! This is an explosive track featuring 3 of the hottest up & coming rap stars of our generation. Definitely not for the faint of heart, “Go Getta” is the perfect depiction of modern day Gangsta Rap. Each of these rhymers are goin in hard body to murder the beat. Sharp lyrics, ill flows and a mesmerizing production make for this song to be an instant hit amongst their fans! Take a Listen and become a fan yourself!

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New Track! Shugga Shane – Weigh it & Sell it [prod. by Paul Cabin]

[ D/L “Weigh It & Sell It” – Shugga Shane ] 

The #18 track off Shugga Shane’s “Ears To The Streets” mixtape. This track is straight up Dope Boy Music! For all the hustlers out in the streets makin that paper! Paul Cabin produces this bass & synth heavy beat while Shugga Shane spits a barrage of blatant lyrics that depict the lifestyle of a west coast drug dealer. “Weigh it & Sell it” is the perfect anthem for everyone who’s gettin fast money.

#JetLife #JetsGo ! The Jet Life Tour Experience.

So I’ma keep this short & sweet… I went to the Jet Life Tour this Wednesday in Costa Mesa to see my niggas @Currensy_Spitta , @Fiend4damoney @Real_Trademark @NesbyPhips @CornerBoyP & #YoungRoddy and had a Good Azz Time! Other then bein a couple hours late and havin mediocre opening acts….Them niggas fasho rocked the Detriot bar which was kind of a smalll venue but sall good.  Monsta Beats & Nesby Phips started thangs off, they definitely did they thang.  Corner Boy P. came out next and spit his street influenced lyrics… Trademark da Sky Diver & Young Roddy came thru n performed cuts off their “Jet life till the next life” Mixtape and had the crowd goin with the “Jet life! Jets GO Jets GO!” chant after every track. It was my 1st time seein Roddy & Trademark as well as Montsa & Phips so I didnt know what to expect but all them fools was on point. I really dug Trademark & Roddy’s set tho.  The last two acts was 2 of my favorite rappers from the Tour…I listen to these dudes every day no joke, no H word & I saw them rock the stage at “The Smokers Club Tour” in 2010….Fiend aka International Jones & Curren$y the hot Spitta.  Fiend jumped on stage with a lot of energy and serenaded the crowd wit his DEEP Barry White type voice and smooth laid back delivery.  My man did tracks off his The Sweetest Hangover mixtape(stays in rotation in my car), Tennis Shoes & Tuxedos and I think 1 track from Audio Dope.  International Jones was bumpin out some Jams tho! I got a lot of respect for dude.  Then Spitta finally got on stage wit the crowd in the palm of his hands and straight up KILLED that shit.  He took it back by doin tracks from “Higher then 30,000” , “Elevator Muzik”, “This Aint No Mixtape” and then did fan favorite cuts off his 2 most recent albums “Pilot Talk & Pilot Talk II” (which are still in the disc changer in my car!)  He really did his thang, performin half the song on beat and half acapella so listeners could really HEAR what he had to say.  I had a smoke session wit Currensy & Fiend durin his set when I passed Spitta the joint, who hit it then passed it to Fiend who had his way wit it then gave it back to me.  Good Times, I always smoke to their music so it was only fitting I smoke WITH them.  Currensy & Fiend did “OG(the Jam)” near the end of the show, dope ass track…but the show eneded wit Spitta, Trademark & Young Roddy doing “Hold On” which was the last track off his Pilot Talk II album, a smooth way to end the nite.  I paid my respects to Spitta as he was leaving & handed him a Joint + my CD…hope he bumped that shit 1 time….chopped it up wit my nigga International Jones b4 I shook, hes a real cool dude.  Anyway…Check out the pix from the concert below in the pix galllery…that was my #Jetlife experience…the Tour is still goin on so if it hits YOUR CITY…make sure you go! Its worth it.

Shugga Shane x Fiend INternational Jones after the show. check the rest of the pix in the gallery!